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Buy New Zealand Made

logo_mainBuy New Zealand Made is an iconic kiwi trademark that guarantees consumers the significant manufacturing process of a product took place in New Zealand. This allows kiwi manufacturers to inspire trust and authenticity with their products, as well as differentiate themselves in local and foreign markets. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want a product made in New Zealand?

Established in 1988, you have probably seen the Buy New Zealand Made logo on many products. Brands such as Bata, Iko Iko, LilyBee Wrap, Almighty Beverages, and Appleby Farms are all partnered with Buy New Zealand Made.



When you buy an imported product, you risk buying from a company who has unethical process and systems, especially in the clothing industry. Too often are large brands manufacturing in less than desirable factories who enforce long work hours, little to no pay, and restrict access to friends and family. Buying New Zealand made guarantees that the product was manufactured in an ethical workplace where employees were paid a fair wage. This is a huge point of differentiation not all countries can offer, especially when selling NZ products in foreign markets.


Made by Kiwis for Kiwis

Us kiwis know what we want. Buying a New Zealand made product means you can be certain your needs will be met. Take Arrow Uniforms for example, we are producing garments with a mix of Possum and Merino. This high quality, warm, breathable fabric is perfect for the New Zealand climate all while helping reduce our Possum population.


Supporting Local

Supporting local brands has never been more important than right now. With a Covid induced recession pressuring the economy, buying local can decide whether a business will thrive or dive. The iconic Buy New Zealand Made logo makes it effortless for consumers to identify a product made in NZ.


Arrow Uniforms have always been a strong advocate for New Zealand manufacturing and supporting the local economy. Before joining Made in New Zealand, Arrow already had their own Well Made in New Zealand logo. As one of the last uniforms supplier businesses that still manufacture in New Zealand, we know what makes kiwis tick.


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