Tips for designing long-lasting uniforms

Tips for designing long-lasting uniforms

When designing a uniform for your staff, one of the most important elements to consider is the durability of the design. Having a long-lasting uniform curbs the need to replace them often, which is a good choice on both practical and economic terms.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind to ensure your uniform design will last for long.

Choosing a fabric

Besides an attractive design that the staff will enjoy wearing, the uniform must have a quality fabric that will stand the test of time. Firstly, you must make sure it’s comfortable. Take into account the physical routine of your employees and what needs it might bring. For instance, if the job is physically active, the fabric should be flexible to allow movement. Comfortable uniforms won’t need to be discarded so soon, which improves their durability. 

Another good way of guaranteeing a long-lasting uniform is by having a thicker fabric. Generally, the thicker the fabric, the more it’ll last. It’s useful to check to see if can see your hand through it. If you can, then the fabric is probably too thin and should be avoided if possible.

Lining your pieces is also a great way to preserve their durability as the second layer definitely adds more strength to the garment. This might make it more expensive though, so you should prioritize lining the pieces that will suffer greater strain to keep the price at a reasonable rate.

You probably already know that natural fibres like wool and cotton last longer than synthetic ones, always keep in mind that there is the option of choosing a blend of fibres. For instance, long fibre cotton is stronger but also more expensive. Therefore a good solution would be to choose a fabric blend of short-fibre cotton with polyester, which adds some strength and keeps the durability. 

Laundry care

The good maintenance of a uniform also relies hugely on the laundry care it receives. Washing a garment with inappropriate chemicals or at the wrong temperature could completely destroy it. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right laundry method for your staff’s uniform.

Keep in mind the differences between industrial washing and at-home washing. 

Industrial washing technology has developed quite a bit and nowadays it’s possible to adjust the washing protocol for your uniform design. Aspects such as time, chemicals, temperature, and mechanical action can be tailored to your specific needs, making the washing process more efficient and safe for your design.

This is an issue that doesn’t exist in with at-home washing, as the staff can personally adapt the washing cycle to whatever is appropriate for the uniform. On the other hand, leaving the laundry responsibility to the staff invites the possibility of washing mistakes. 

Not to mention, most employees don’t enjoy the responsibility of washing and ironing their uniforms.

There are many different things to pay attention to when aiming for a uniform with good durability. But Arrow believes the single most important one is having a good uniform design and is committed to producing products with the best durability.


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