What to think about when designing a company uniform

What to think about when designing a company uniform

Uniforms play a role in how your company is presented to the client and therefore should be designed with care. It can be hard to know what are the best choices for your company’s uniform, but by following these tips you can make sure the designing process is stress-free - so you can make the perfect custom-design uniform of your dreams.

1. Mind your budget

Plan your budget sensibly. Calculating the right amount of money for the design and quantity of uniforms for your company will make all the difference in the end. Remember to leave some wiggle room in your budget in case you need some alterations.

Though it’s important to note that your expense on uniforms should be appropriate to the size of your company, there is no need to overdo it! Be sure of what expenses are worth your money and don’t overspend in places meaninglessly. 

Be aware of how much the fabrics and labour cost, so you can make reasonable choices. For instance, if you want to use an expensive fabric in your design, ask yourself if you need to have it in the entire garment, if not, you can always use it for smaller details and chooser a more affordable option for the rest.

2. Get staff feedback

Different individuals have different needs, so make sure to cater to staff preferences and needs. To guarantee employees will be comfortable with the uniform during work, you must get their feedback on the design. Their opinion matters the most because they are who will be wearing the uniform. They might have practical needs of their daily job: they could need flexibility for arms and legs, dark colours that can’t be stained easily, and light fabric to decrease transpiration for those physically active jobs. Have them try a sample to see how it fits and get their thoughts on it.

3. Pay attention to the fabric and cut

Uniforms are important to the visual impression clients will have of your business. Fabric and cut are the elements that will give the uniform the wanted aesthetic. With your budget in mind, choose a good quality fabric the will drape nicely and be long-lasting.

Take into account that, while synthetic fabrics are cheaper, natural fabrics are more comfortable. Your choice between the two will depend on the job requirements of your employees in regard to things, such as the level of physical strain. You may also choose a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics, if appropriate.

Meanwhile, the cut should be professional and practical. You may choose a classic cut, such as and A-skirts and button-down shirts; or go for more trendy choices like a polo shirt and baggy pants. With whatever choice, the cut will need to go along with the branding of the business.

Don’t forget to consider the practical aspects. With longer garments, such as sleeved shirts and pants, there should be enough room for movement.

4. Remember brand guidelines

Branding is an essential part of any company and there are many things to consider when deciding how to include it in your uniform. 

Firstly, the placement of your logo must be somewhere that is visible on the garment and will definitely be noticed. The popular choices are on the chest on the right side or in the middle, and, less frequently, on the centre of the back. The right choice can vary depending on the kind of logo and the best size for it. To do this, you must also consider other branding elements that might be important for your company like colour and tone.

If the colour branding of your company is bright and fun, maybe going for a big dynamic logo on the back is the right choice. Meanwhile, if your company has a more serious and put-together branding, sticking to a classical logo on the chest would be best.

5. Get expert advice 

You might feel the urge to make all the decisions for your company on your own. But a good leader recognizes they are not experts at everything and that, sometimes, getting help from the outside might be beneficial.

You can certainly get opinions from your uniforms suppliers, who have years in this business and can give very useful advice. Our company has been doing this service for decades and we are very confident in our knowledge of uniform designs. 

Your uniforms are an important piece of the experience the clients have with your company, so it’s important that you get it just right.

It’s not always a smooth process, but as long as you set a good budget, listen to your staff and get professional advice if needed, you can make sure the uniforms will represent your company perfectly.

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