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Case Study: GoBus

Case Study: GoBus

The humble bus driver has been in the spotlight during the COVID pandemic - and they deserve a big pat on the back for the demanding and essential work they do for the New Zealand public! Our bus drivers carry the responsibility of keeping passengers and other road users safe as they drive around cities and regionally - as well as caring for a complicated piece of machinery on New Zealand's busy roads.

Arrow has been supplying uniforms to GoBus since 2013. With their growth and success over the past few years - the leading passenger transport business in New Zealand - we like to think it's because of the distinctive green shirts the drivers wear with pride. With over 29 depots, you would have seen a GoBus parked up somewhere between Auckland to Invercargill, transporting people across the country - whether that's schools, events or charters. 

Born in Waikato

Originating in the 1930s from a family business, today GoBus operates a fleet of over 1,700 vehicles and is part of the Kinetic group, Australasia's largest bus operator. Still, GoBus remains focused on the original family business values today, with initiatives like the Bus Roadeo - an awards ceremony celebrating the best of its drivers in the country

A focus on sustainability and wellbeing 

GoBus has busy with bringing the best and brightest new bus technology to New Zealand. New electric and lower-emission buses have been trialed across regional lines such as Auckland and Canterbury as transitioning to a zero-emissions fleet becomes more important for city councils and communities. Many of the programs are progressive - staggering the introduction of hydrogen and electric car technologies. This process allows fleets to be replaced with the best possible technology at the time.

Hydrogen vehicles work by converting the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy, while electric buses store electricity on board - which rely on specialized charging infrastructure, or overhead wires, or a trolley-bus, style. These buses are the future! GoBus is also proud to have the youngest fleet of bus vehicles in the country.

People are key

We're proud to be supplying to a company that cares about their people and makes a positive workplace culture their mission. Over the lockdown restrictions earlier this year, GoBus created a wellbeing magazine, which focused on the five ways to foster wellbeing - developed by the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation. This reminded people to foster interests, give back, and to take notice and focus on the world around them. It included things like yoga, tai chi, or helping an older person out with their groceries. How's that for a great reminder to take care of yourself and others?

GoBus also involves their people with David Letele's BBM program - the award winning program from David Letele - an Aucklander who overcame obesity and inspires many by bringing his knowledge  to help people lose weight and get healthy in a sustainable way. Livestream workouts over lockdown were one of the initiatives on offer. 

Ray from the GoBus Huntly depot has successfully lost 17.7kgs with the BBM program.

Bus Roadeo

Bi-anually, GoBus holds an event that is "a celebration of the exceptional driving and customer service skills we aim to instill into every one of our drivers", says Managing Director Calum Haslop. Alongside Customer Service Skills, a driving test competition is held at the Wigram Airforce Museum, where theory and maneuvering tests are held - with the top prizes including travel vouchers up to the value of $2000!

The competition is based off the "International Bus Roadeo" - this year, it was based in Texas - run by the American Public Transportation Association since the 1980s.

A big thank you

From the team at Arrow, thank you to our bus drivers and providers for their strength during these uncertain times. To put your health on the line to provide essential transport services to those who need to get from A to B is commendable. We thank you for your mahi and hope you wear your uniforms with pride - you deserve to! You look great and you deserve to feel great.




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