The secret to applying your brand on uniforms

The secret to applying your brand on uniforms

Uniforms are a great way to showcase the identity of your brand. It is essential to have uniforms that are not only functional but also visually appealing and represent your brand. Applying your brand to your uniforms can be done in various ways, such as embroidery and digital printing. In this blog, we will share the secret to applying your brand on your uniforms and how Arrow Uniforms can help you achieve it. 


Choose the right colours: 

When it comes to branding, the colours you choose are crucial. Your brand's colours should be used on your uniforms to create a consistent look. This will help your employees stand out and represent your brand effectively. Using the right colours will also make your uniforms more visually appealing and memorable. 

There are a few points to consider when deciding on uniforms colours. For example, the designation, the number of teams, the common meanings behind colours, and what thoughts and ideas colours can bring up when used. For example, often red is an alarming colour, alluding to danger, action, or emergency. So if red was your branding colour but you were looking to create a calmer tone, you could use red as a trim accent colour, woven label or badge, and let the logo speak for itself. 

Be sure to include your brands key colour’s when inquiring with a uniform supplier. This way the staff member can select coloured garments, or garments with coloured accents that will match and supplement the look of your uniform. 

Use your logo: 

Your logo is the most important element of your brand. It should be prominently displayed on your uniforms. This will help customers recognize your brand and create a sense of trust and familiarity. Your logo is usually best applied on the chest or sleeve, where it will be more visible, but there are a number of different placements available if you are going for something more unique. 

There are many different ways to weave your logo into your teams uniform. You could ask about embroidery, heat printing, custom labels, and even sublimation which all have their own advantages in terms of logo presentation. If you are unsure what you prefer, your uniform provider can recommend the option(s) that will best suit your logo, and you can always request samples of the branding before moving forward. 


Embroidery and digital printing: 

Embroidery and digital printing are two popular methods of applying branding to uniforms. Embroidery involves stitching your logo or design onto the uniform using thread. This method is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for uniforms that will be worn frequently. Digital printing can involve printing your logo or design onto the uniform using a heat transfer vinyl printing press (HTV Printing). This method is ideal for designs with multiple colours or intricate details. 


Arrow Uniforms: 

At Arrow Uniforms, we offer embroidery and digital print services for uniforms. We can help you apply your branding to your uniforms using these methods. We also offer a custom uniform design service, where we can work with you to create a design that represents your brand effectively. 


Applying your brand to your uniforms is essential for creating a cohesive look and representing your brand effectively. Choosing the right colours, using your logo prominently, considering the design, and using embroidery or digital printing are all important factors to consider. At Arrow Uniforms, we can help you achieve the perfect branded uniform for your business. 

In some cases, a custom make uniform will be the best option to colour match your branding. With custom make uniforms you have the most control and flexibility with fabric type and colour options, trims, and embellishments, that can all be tailoured to perfectly match your visual identity. If you are interested in creating your own custom uniform, be in touch with Arrow Uniforms today. 


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