Making Strides Towards Sustainability: Our New Plastic Recycling Initiative

Making Strides Towards Sustainability: Our New Plastic Recycling Initiative

At Arrow, we believe in taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. Earlier this year, we embarked on an exciting partnership with Future Post, a company dedicated to recycling plastic waste. Today, we are thrilled to share our first success of this initiative with you!

The Problem: Plastic Waste in Our Daily Operations 

We all know the impact of plastic waste on our environment. While we have removed single use plastics in many areas where possible, we receive numerous plastic bags from suppliers in day-to-day operations. Previously, these bags ended up in our regular waste, contributing to the growing plastic pollution crisis.

The Solution: Partnering with Future Post

To address this issue, we partnered with Future Post, a pioneering organisation in plastic recycling. Instead of discarding the plastic bags, Future Post transforms these bags into new, eco-friendly products. This not only helps in reducing plastic waste but also ensures that our regular waste bin isn't overflowing every week.

Taking Action: 4 Bags for 2 Months of Plastic Waste

This week, we proudly dropped off four large bags at the recycling center. These bags represent approximately two months' worth of plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. By participating in this initiative, we are actively diverting waste from landfills, all the while increasing our awareness of our impacts on the environment, and highlighting areas where improvements can be made toward a circular operations system.

See the Transformation: Products from Recycled Plastic

Curious about the incredible products that can be made from recycled plastic? Learn more about Future Post and the fantastic items that are produced from the recycled materials. From garden edging to outdoor furniture, the possibilities are endless when it comes to giving new life to plastic waste.

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