Our Commitments

We believe those in a position to make a positive change should do so. That’s why we benchmark our business commitments to our people and our planet using our
Three Pillars of Progress.


We work hard to ensure that our people benefit from our business. Protecting fundamental human rights, health and safety standards, and nurturing equal opportunities is firmly a priority to us.

For any and all of our factories, environmental and ethical certifications are available on request to our clients. Our partners are independently audited and certified.

I started my Garment industry career in 1999, where the industry was not a pleasant place to work as there was hardly any compliance or workplace regulations. Laborers were forced to work, harassed, underpaid, discriminated, and abused. Health and safety was minimum to none. Even though the standard working hours were 48 hours per week, we used to work over eighty hours every week including twenty-four hour shifts every weekend.

This was a global issue in the industry back then. Fortunately, around in the year 2005 the work environment started changing. There were a lot of documentaries, organizations started fighting against unethical laws/companies and customers were more aware where their products are coming from. Together, this has impact to change the garment industry globally.

The reason why I came up with Clothes That Matter is because I believe Arrow’s future is a completely ethical Supply Chain.

Everyone in the industry has work to do in this area. Factory certification allows us to care about the human beings behind the clothes we sell and the environment we all live in.

- Haritha, Group Supply Chain and Technical Manager

Our Environmental Journey

We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring a better tomorrow. Our current goals focus on removing wasteful packaging where we can, choosing environmentally responsible partners, and developing sustainable products - all part of our progressive strategy.

Taking care of the neighbourhood

Our communities are a big part of who we are at Arrow. We’re proud to have a long history of supporting charitable causes, such as the Billy Graham Youth Foundation, The Salvation Army and Dress For Success.

This year, our focus is on Breast Cancer Cure, an incredible charity with the single aim of funding New Zealand research for a cure. If you are also business that also wants to pay it forward, we would love to work with you and have many options available. A win-win for everyone involved.

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