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Case Study: Ryman Healthcare Gets a Makeover

Case Study: Ryman Healthcare Gets a Makeover

Recently we worked with designer, Annah Stretton, to outfit Ryman Healthcare. The Ryman staff are extremely pleased with their new wardrobe and we're glad they are too!

Check out the scope:

See the article and video on Stuff here

"New Zealand fashion designer Annah Stretton has designed uniforms for a retirement village chain’s 4000 staff and they were debuted at Fashion Week." 

See the article and video on NZ Herald here

“We used to look so clinical. These uniforms break down the barriers with residents. We've always been approachable but I think these uniforms make us look more so." - Ryman nurse, Maggie Doyle


“The reaction from the staff has been tremendous, and we think they’re really bound to put a smile on the faces of our residents.”
- Managing Director, Simon Chaillies

Success breeds success. 

Our mission has always been to outfit workplaces so staff can look and feel great at work. Let our success become yours.

We offer many business benefits to make this happen, including branding, design customisation and Appro garment trialing. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you. Talk to us here.


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