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Case Study: The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Case Study: The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is a local Wellington treasure - a world-leading Kiwi research institution, and one of our most prominent clients. Since 2017, they have been wearing our labcoats while developing vanguard treatment research in numerous different areas, from cancer and allergies to infectious disease.

Now, amidst the most consequential world pandemic of the last century, the Institute is committed to help find a solution to relieve the world from this catastrophe. They are working alongside universities to secure a COVID-19 that is safe, effective, and scalable. 

The relevance of this project, along with the cutting-edge research developed in the Institute's 50 year-long career, makes us proud of embroidering their logos on the uniforms we supply.

The Malaghan history


The Institute was founded by Kiwi entrepreneurs Len and Ann Malaghan. Len had a natural talent for business and in 2007 was remembered in Young Enterprises' Business Hall of Fame for his skill. He worked in a dairy factory from a young age and, at 20, was ready to become a manager but was told he was too young. A visiting overseas ice-cream company took him on, and Len’s passion for dairy grew.

The original Tip Top Store on 36 Manners Street.

Len, along with business partner Albert, opened an ice cream shop on Manners Street in Central Wellington  that would become the famous Kiwi ice cream brand Tip Top that we associate so strongly with New Zealand summers. The success of this store meant within a few years, more and more stores opened. The factory used to operate only in summer months to produce iconic favourites such as Jelly Tip and Trumpet.

When he turned 56, Len was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and helped establish a medical trust with his wife Ann with shares from Tip Top - donating funds to the doctors who assisted him with the illness. The medical trust eventually became the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research with a vision to improve the lives of all New Zealanders.

Since his passing, the Malaghan family and Institute staff has worked tirelessly to continue the Malaghan legacy in supporting quality medical research. The Institute has grown into a world-leading research facility, focusing on breakthrough discoveries in immunology and immunotherapy.

Prominent projects

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is an outstanding research institute that works to develop innovative medical treatments. One of their key projects is the development of CAR T-cell cancer therapy, running New Zealand's first clinical trial for this ground-breaking treatment.

This technology is based on redirecting the patient’s immune system cells to attack cancer cells. In tandem with the Phase I clinical trial for people with certain types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, their  research is primarily focused on improving this type of therapy and extending it to work for different kinds of cancer. 

Another major project the Institute is involved with is investigating the therapeutic potential of human hookworms, which dampen down the immune system to avoid detection in the body. Malaghan is running clinical studies to understand the potential of human hookworms as therapy for diseases such as coeliac, asthma, allergy, MS, and inflammatory bowel disease with the ultimate goal of healing the body through the immune system.

The Institute is also working on treatments for multiple sclerosis, a degenerative brain disease. The research aims to improve the treatments that are already available, as well as to generate new drugs for the different forms of multiple sclerosis.

COVID-19 Vaccine 

For the Malaghan Institute, the search is on for a safe and effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The Institute, along with University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington, has bravely taken on the challenge of coming up with a solution to the problem that has halted the entire world.

The Institute and its partners are working as a part of Vaccine Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand – Ohu Kaupare Huaketo (VAANZ). As a result of COVID-19, the NZ government has tasked VAANZ with establishing a national coronavirus vaccine evaluation platform to screen, trial and accelerate the development of potential COVID-19 vaccines.

This includes building global research collaborations to secure New Zealand’s access to potential international vaccines and progress the development of local vaccine candidates. VAANZ will also build New Zealand’s capability in vaccine development and production to ensure New Zealand is prepared for future pandemics.

Because of the incredible history of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and the challenge they've taken on with developing a vaccine against COVID-19, we could not be prouder to supply their uniforms. Like the rest of New Zealand, we are backing them 100% to help find a cure to this deadly virus.

Donate to Malaghan Institute of Medical Research here.

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