Badges: Benefits and Value

Badges: Benefits and Value

Badges in business

Badges are markers of identity, both personal and brand. They name us. They help remove the barrier between individual and brand. The many benefits of badges are associated with a sense of belonging and inclusion. With two suppliers, we have a huge variety of badges and pins to meet various identification needs.


More than just a name tag

While often acting as a simple form of identification stating who is who in the workplace, in the modern world many badges especially pin badges and button badges also act as much more. Badges can serve as security in that they help identify workers with a glance. NFC badges use Near Field Communication technology to allow entry into certain areas – essentially a swipe card, but worn on your chest.


Badge as brand

Not only do badges foster a sense of physical belonging they can also forge company loyalty through cohesive branding. This naming protocol can help make employees feel a sense of identity (especially within large businesses). Giving customers this boost of confidence and sense of appreciation is proven to have a positive impact on their work and feelings towards the business.


When worn both inside and outside the business, badges are an excellent channel for free advertising. When you think about a McDonald’s uniform, you’re also imagining a name badge right? Consistent and continuous exposure of your badge (and uniform!) to your customers will make a subconscious impression on them.


Recognising the value of badges

Name badges remove anonymity from the workplace. Even in large companies, if you don’t know someone, at least you can quickly and easily find their name, encouraging a more friendly, positive atmosphere. Interpersonal relationships grow and facilitate a valuable culture that benefits the company but also the lives of employees. It has also been proven that those who wear name badges (regardless of customer-facing or internal), are considered to be more approachable and friendly.

 Being named in the workplace with an official badge is however more about just identification and communication. In customer-facing roles such as hospitality and retail, customers appreciate name badges because it nurtures a sense of relatability and instantly makes them feel more comfortable and connected. In the event a customer has some feedback they wish to relay to management, they can describe the situation using names. This helps the business to learn and grow from feedback.


Badges as the start of something bigger

Badges act as an all-purpose identifier, especially for customer-facing roles. They help both internal colleagues and external clients identify workers which helps promote the personal and public brand. Badges are a cost-effective way to convey your business brand with a personalised touch.


Experience how small details can make the big picture of a business stand out from the crowd. Enjoy the confidence that your business and brand can be identified in all situations. Have a chat with us and start your journey towards better branding.

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