Are you losing money on uniforms?

Are you losing money on uniforms?

Every year businesses loose money by not retrieving uniforms from staff who leave. If your company has a high staff turnover, this becomes a cost. That could be reduced with tighter uniform issuing, management and retrieval process upon termination.  Simple steps to recover uniforms from departing staff could save quite a bit of money.

We can help you with this when you buy your uniforms from us. Arrow Uniforms has an innovative programme called 'Uniform Recycle', that sits within our 'Around' Sustainability initiatives, which can help larger companies retrieve value.

Typically larger companies with a number of sites geographically can save money by signing up for Arrow's Uniform Recycle Programme. Effectively this combines the uniform cupboards at each site into one central location and garments still suitable for use can be dry-cleaned and reissued as ‘new’ elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

Even if your a business operates with a smaller team, you too can talk to us about implementing a simple staff uniform policy to reduce your ongoing uniform expenditure, with appropriate control documentation that is designed to help manage uniform costs.

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