5 Ways Your Uniform Impacts Your Brand Image

5 Ways Your Uniform Impacts Your Brand Image

When it comes to creating an effective uniform, it’s not always just about function and fit. Having beautifully branded uniforms in your workplace not only gives your brand credibility, it can help cultivate a culture that your employees are proud to work for and represent. Wearing great uniforms make employees feel like equals, and like they’re a part of a successful team. When your employees feel valued they are far more likely to produce higher quality work for you. 

First impressions can be everything and you want to create a lasting impression on your customers. At a quick glance, a team in uniform seems more efficient, classy and organised. We’re going to run through our top 5 ways uniform impacts your brand image, to help you decide if uniforms are the right decision for your workplace.

Creates a sense of unity and equality

If all your employees wear the same uniform it helps create the feeling of a team; a team that all wear the same clothes, are equal and share the same values with no place for discrimination or differentiation. Uniforms can help bring people together, no matter their ethnicity, culture or status. This sense of solidarity is crucial to the success of a business. If people feel that they are a part of the team, they will work together far more efficiently, creating increased productivity and performance. This can only be beneficial for your company, as it means not only will you have happier employees, but that will result in higher quality work.

Improves Customer Experience

If you work in an industry such as retail or hospitality, having uniforms helps ease your customer’s experience. It will not only make your employees more identifiable but also more approachable. In a busy store, if a customer is looking for help they can easily identify a staff member by a uniform. Once they’ve identified the staff, they’ll be able to ask for help and achieve what they need to. If they are unable to find a staff member, they may just become overwhelmed and leave, losing your company a sale. 

Uniforms help present your staff as more professional to your customer and help gain respect. With so many options available you can create a look that perfectly presents your brand in a professional, yet unique look.

Creates a difference between work and play

If you remember when you used to finish school for the day and race home, take your uniform off and start playing, having a uniform can help create the same feeling for your employees. Being able to have a separate work uniform means at the end of the day, as they get changed they can have a sense of closure from the day and be able to fully relax. Studies show that having a clear distinguished difference between work and free time helps improve employees mental status, and it’s vital we look after our employees’ mental well-being.
As the day begins and an employee puts their uniform on, it helps them get into the correct state of mind for work. If their work clothes are the same as their recreational clothes, this line can become blurred and may result in less professional work being produced from your employees. 

Gives employees more time and money 

Having a uniform helps save your employees time and money, and we all know those are precious commodities to our workers! By providing a uniform you take away any financial stress for your workers as if they had to provide their own uniforms they would be paying for it out of their own pocket. Under health and safety laws, you may be required to provide your employees with specialised protective personal equipment, so why not enhance what you do with appropriate branding to make your company, and your employees, really stand out?

A uniform can help make getting ready in the morning so much easier. It takes away the time spent worrying about what to wear, and any office politics that could go alongside that. Your employees can use this extra time to sleep in a little bit more, or they may even decide to head into work a little bit earlier.

Boosts your branding

No matter what industry you’re in, whether that is retail or hospitality or anything in between, you probably have competitor companies. When your employees wear a uniform with your brand and logo printed onto it, you immediately help set yourself apart from your competitors. Having consistent branding across all your platforms, website, storefront, business cards and even uniforms, helps customers remember your business name, and even boost your brand recognition by 80%. An established brand becomes recognisable to customers and helps create trust and brand loyalty and sometimes the guys with the best uniforms win the business!

Investing in a good brand image is highly worthwhile for a business owner. What people see of your company can be their very first impression, so taking the time to design the perfect uniform is worth it. That’s where we come in to help! Contact us, and let’s begin designing your ideal uniform and boosting your companies brand image.

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