11 pieces of advice to consider when designing your uniform.

11 pieces of advice to consider when designing your uniform.

It’s about the people, it’s about the role, it’s about the brand


It’s all about your people

It’s essential that your uniforms are fit-for-purpose. By considering the needs of your staff- the people wearing the uniforms, you can make sure they are practical, comfortable, and effective representations of your brand.

It is best to select one or two people to represent the wider team and organise the decisions with us. When too many people get involved, progress slows right down.

Remember everyone on your team is unique. Read the sizing guides relevant to each product and make sure the correct size and preferred fit is selected. If you find we are missing, talk to our customer service team to see if alterations are available.


It’s all about the role

There are reasons why Lawyers wear suits and Surgeons wear scrubs. The needs of the job role suggest the type of activity it needs to be suited to. For example, active staff members need flexible, moisture-wicking fabric that allows for a full range of motion.

Another great point to consider is the urgency of the job. If you can forecast that you may need uniforms on a short turnaround basis, we can consider the arrival times of supplier stock versus the stock we hold and recommend the best options for your needs.


It’s about the brand

There is a plethora of customisations options available to bring your brand to life. Anything from coloured trims, zip pullers, or buttons, to embroidery, heat printing, and badges. Brainstorm the staple items that would make up the foundations of your uniform. Would it be a jacket for people working outdoors or a name badge for customer-facing staff?

There are simple items that can create a huge impact on your brand and increase your perceived professionalism. Keep the phrase “quality over quantity” in mind as you choose the placement, number, and colour combinations of branding you choose to include. Consistency and calculated designs go hand in hand to create a sophisticated image.


Without further ado, here’s the advice straight from the professionals:

1. Des - Managing Director: "Be on brand."

2. Ana - Business Development Assistant "Check the sizing guides!"

3. Lucy - Executive Assistant: "Be consistent."

4. Rosie - Embroidery Coordinator: "Keep it simple, keep it practical."

5. Susi - Embroidery Machinist: "Consider the garment fabric, fabric thickness influences the embroidery stitches."

6. Krupali - Embroidery Machinist: "Think about the size of the logo on all garment sizes."

7. Renu - Sewing Machinist: "Consider colour combinations- On the fabric colour, and in different lightings!"

8. Natalia - Internal Sales Assistant: "Quality over quantity."

9. Isabelle - Customer service: "Trial them until you find the best fit. Don’t feel pressure to accept the first available option."

10. Wendy - Sales team leader: "Don’t get too many people involved."

11. Kirsten - Account Manager: "Think about the key items that make an impact."


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