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Our Flexible manufacturing solutions with productions runs as low as 30 mean Arrow Uniforms are the ideal uniform supply partner to ensure your unique uniform is supplied as cost effective and time efficient as possible.

Our factory units from Asia, Fiji and New Zealand offer us the flexibility to offer clients bulk pricing without the need to consistently order large quantities of garments to fulfil your ongoing day to day requirements.

All design and pattern work is performed in house to ensure that no matter what country of origin, your uniform always fits like a Kiwi uniform should. We source our own fabrics from reputable mills worldwide to ensure colour, durability and feel consistency. These fabrics are checked against control samples held here in New Zealand before any production is approved anywhere in the world.

With Arrow Uniforms, even styles specially created for you can be held in stock in our Distribution centre for overnight delivery New Zealand wide. Saving you and your team the hassles of managing supply and demand of uniforms and freeing them up to focus on your core business.

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