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If your staff are taking selfies in their uniforms, something is right!

JULY 2016

Making better choices. Taking care of our environment.

Up your style game with a Pocket Square.

Get a fresh look for Spring!

Have you ever found yourself wondering: Are these work trousers or dress trousers?
Can I wear these to the office?

Arrow Uniforms is excited to announce we now have fresh stocks of the famous Captain Mac Jacket and we are already receiving orders. 

Wellington City Council recently re-launched their new in-house Parking Services staff uniform.

So your team are feeling the cold, but you still want them to look sharp and keep warm... 

The new Healthcare range from CITY COLLECTION is now available and able to be previewed online or in a free 4 page catalogue (available on request).

Over the years, there have been many advances in uniform design and manufacture. The biggest ever? Here’s our pick, Velcro and Teflon.

Every year businesses loose $$$ by not retrieving uniforms from staff who leave.

Win $100 in your pocket!

Oh my, Omahu is hugely popular! And no wonder why…

When we create an item at Arrow, we often give it a name. As well as making the clothing easy to identify, a name injects personality. Picking a name can cause plenty of debate at Arrow, and sometimes a potential name can be scuppered because someone argues it has unsuitable connotations.

If you want to keep your team warm this winter then you’ll want to know the options that are available out there. It gets confusing at times, especially as different products can have different price points.

One of the most wonderful things ever known to humans is when someone discovers they are expecting a child. Yet too often, employment becomes awkward because there’s no appropriate maternity uniform to match the company uniform.

Massey University School of Aviation celebrated their first quarter century serving the global aviation industry producing “aviators with a difference”.

Sometimes the weather conditions are such that you have to wear a jacket to keep warm or stay dry. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as with the latest jacket from Arrow Uniforms you can also look cool as well as feel comfortable...

Taxes are something most of us love to hate, and they affect us in all sorts of ways even how we dress. The New Zealand taxman does, however, understand the importance of looking smart at work, especially uniforms...

Customising your garments by adding your company logo or branding is a cost effective way of ensuring that your uniform is unique to your organisation. In addition, branding your uniform ensures recognition and helps instil pride in your company and enables staff to feel part of the team...

It’s a scene familiar to many of us; the label says it’s your size, but it’s baggy around the waist, or too narrow across the shoulders. Yet, in a different label, a dress in the same size is the perfect fit...