Wellington City Council Parking 'Ambassadors'

Wellington City Council Parking 'Ambassadors'

Tue, Sep 23, 14 Arrow Uniforms

Wellington City Council recently re-launched their new in-house Parking Services staff uniform.

Arrow Uniforms was pleased to be appointed as supplier for their new look uniform. With a short time-frame and all shapes and sizes to consider, we are delighted with the end result of a workable, complimentary, versatile uniform for these high profile ambassadors to the “busiest little capital in the world”.
Wellington is a compact city that has a highly inter-active business community, lots of council parks in the suburbs and is a mecca for tourism.

Wellington is also known for its ‘vibe’, attracting a number of creative and cultural events and people. It has an increasing number of cruise ships visiting and some great attractions like Te Papa, The Weta Cave and the WOW Festival. There is always something happening and any number of reasons for people to visit. Small wonder that parking needs managing.
The new Parking Services staff not only help manage, monitor and administer parking activity but also double as friendly and helpful ambassadors for the city. They will direct people towards where they want to go with a smile.
This new professional image is reflected in the new uniforms, which we think you will agree look very smart. The use of Wellington colours helps to identify them as a part of the city. We are sure that visitors will want to have their photos taken with the yellow and black ‘Ambassadors’.

If you ever do get a ticket, remember that you generally probably deserve it; we all know that planning our trip and putting enough money in the meter for our intended stay will avoid a ticket.

Consider too that there are only a certain number of car-parks and without ‘rules and regulations’, certain people would hog the best parks and a certain ‘law of the jungle survival of the fittest’ mentality would emerge. We are grateful to have smiling WCC ambassadors helping to keep the process fair and reasonable.