Uniforms: Not just for customer facing staff

Uniforms: Not just for customer facing staff

Mon, Dec 13, 21 Hunter Aindow

Uniforms are expected in customer facing roles, to the extent it feels odd to not see employees wear them: Hotels, Banks, and Airlines all know the professional benefits of having a uniform. The smiling faces that greet you during check-in, take care of your personal banking or hotel stay, and ensure you are safe during flight: there’s a trust there built from the reputation of the uniform. At Arrow, we believe our uniforms have these special properties – that really make your people broadcast the quality and security of your brand.

Corporate uniforms may be less common than a full all-seasons option opted by hoteliers or airline carriers – but we believe they are a big opportunity for any kind of workforce. In a post-pandemic world, the market is competitive and standing out is a fantastic way to hold your advantage.  No role is completely non-customer facing: your internal teams deal with clients, suppliers, and potential new hires. We often forget that advertising your incredible company culture starts with the brand you broadcast and the first impressions you share.


Our three top reasons for a Corporate Uniform

  • Unity across the team

Uniforms are a group emblem – they define the boundaries of a group, and bring together a sense of identification and unity. When you use a uniform, it's a vote of confidence that your team are great representatives of your organisation. It’s a symbol of assurance.

  • Less dress code violations

Uniforms convey both “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. While you might not follow a strict dress code in the office, one “regulation” piece or two sets an expectation for the rest of the work wardrobe Further, if you subsidize the costs, staff will be encouraging and keen to support by wearing their branded clothes in pride. We always recommend consulting with staff when designing the uniform.

  • Uniforms don’t have to be formal.

Rethink uniforms, the stuffy, ornate, uniforms of old are no longer necessary to show your staff are cohesive and professional. High quality T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets are an easy way to bring the staff together. It doesn’t have to be a 5-day a week uniform but having the option to wear something cohesive looks great at corporate events and group photos. T-Shirt Fridays in your branded uniforms allows a more casual look without sacrificing your image as a company.

Case study: Arrow Uniforms

At Arrow, we’ve recently rolled out new uniforms.

We chose our softest fabric for the most comfortable t-shirts, polos and hoodies. Since some of our favourite team activities are the driving range… and lots of morning teas and planning meetings… the agenda was something comfortable. We chose white, navy and a grey marle as options, branding the right breast with Arrow Uniform’s simplified "A" logo. This was cohesive with our brand colours while remaining easy to match with other clothing items, as we forgo our bright cherry red this time.

As we are passionate about having fun in the office and being an approachable team, we wanted to go with a less formal uniform section. We have plenty of more structured options, such as jackets, shirts and polos, for more formal settings.

Check back, as we have some new photos coming soon!