Pocket Square and Corporate Wear

Pocket Square and Corporate Wear

Sat, Sep 19, 15 Arrow Uniforms

Just when we all thought we had men’s suiting sorted, it’s hard not to notice all the pocket squares popping up from suit pockets.

It seems they are everywhere — in the magazines, on the TV, a classic almost retro look making a come back on the streets of New Zealand. This very simple piece (a handkerchief) in your pocket has the power to transform your outfit, and if it’s a uniform you’re wearing, potential to boost your brand.

The pocket square says “I am confident and I care about the details”.

Wearing one may not bring comments directly about the pocket square, but people will start to say things like “Hey…. You are looking sharp” or “Is that a new suit?”  It’s sure to get you noticed and create some conversation.

What is a Pocket Square?

A pocket square is simply a square piece of fabric that can be folded up in different ways and put into your top jacket pocket. It can be of different fabrics and colours.

Your Pocket Square Flair

So you’ve noticed other people wearing them, and you are thinking — is this for me? For many of us, the idea of the pocket square can seem a little out there, so it’s probably best to go with a classic fold for your first time, just like the one outlined below. Also, consider a plain ‘white’ to start you off. Once you are confident with wearing a pocket square, you can start to get a little bold, introduce new folds, and colours, look to choose a pocket square that compliments your tie or shirt, and remember it’s the small details that count.

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