Tue, May 14, 13 Arrow Uniforms

One of the most wonderful things ever known to humans is when someone discovers they are expecting a child.

Yet too often, employment becomes awkward because there’s no appropriate maternity uniform to match the company uniform.

At Arrow we always carry a selection of maternity uniforms to allow staff to get clothing that they can continue to work in, until soon before baby arrives.

Our maternity skirts come in black, navy and forest, all with an elasticated top, to allow room to move. It’s so soft that expansion goes unnoticed, but the wearer is supported and as comfortable as can be expected. Then there are maternity trousers, in navy; and white nurse’s tunics and blouses. All these are ex-stock so there’s no waiting for anything to be made.

To view our range click below or phone 050 UNIFORM (0508 643 676) to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff.