Client Spotlight: Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Client Spotlight: Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Thu, Apr 21, 22 Hunter Aindow

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, a local New Zealand research facility, has created a COVID-19 ‘Kiwi vaccine’ ready for human trials later this year. The executive director of Malaghan, Dr. Graham Le Gros, announced promising data from preliminary work developing the vaccine. Currently, Malaghan is getting stuck into more vigorous testing stages for clinical trials followed by large-scale manufacturing. It’s great to see New Zealand institutions competing with multi-national corporations to help save lives.

Arrow Uniforms and Malaghan have a relationship dating back to 2012, when Arrow first reached out. At the time, Malaghan was having issues with their 100% cotton lab coats. Because cotton is an organic material, it contains a substance called cellulose that, when woven into clothing, forms a strong bond that gives the garment its shape. Once the cellulose contacts water, the hydrogen atoms inside the cellulose bond with one another to form erratic patterns, leading to stubborn wrinkles meaning more time you spend ironing.

Arrow’s solution to this issue was to propose a polycotton alternative for their pesky cotton lab coats. Polycotton is a mix of polyester (flexible and tear-resistant) and cotton (soft and breathable). This popular blend of materials creates low maintenance, highly durable garments that retain their original shape leading to less time ironing out the wrinkles while raising appearances and boosting comfort.

Since 2017, Malaghan staff continue to wear our quality lab coats which you can find HERE. Some staff are even still wearing their original polycotton lab coats from us!  

In addition to lab coats, Arrow has been supplying custom branded face masks to Malaghan since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Our classic white MFL face mask features the iconic Malaghan logo on the right cheek. Although these face masks are not medically certified, they offer a low-cost opportunity to represent your brand wherever you go!

If you are interested in any of our lab coats or want to custom brand your own, get in touch with us!

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