Client Spotlight: Jet Park Hotels MIQ

Client Spotlight: Jet Park Hotels MIQ

Wed, Mar 10, 21 Hunter Clients

Jet Park Hotels is at the forefront of New Zealand tourism. Located within walking distance of Auckland International Airport, Jet Park is the perfect spot to rock up and have a good night sleep after those dusty red-eye flights. Jet Park has been providing excellent service to guests for over 20 years, boasting a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.

From humble beginnings in 1998 under the name Jet Inn Hotel, operating a modest 90 room property with a reputation for excellent service. Fast-forwarding to 2021, and Jet Park now runs a successful 221 room Hotel with conference complex capable of hosting a staggering 250 people, and an extra two Hotels in Hamilton and Rotorua. Being completely owned and operated by kiwis, Jet Park is truly a great representation of what New Zealand stands for: quality and excitement.


Shift Towards Keeping New Zealand Safe

Hotel workers are the unsung ambassadors of New Zealand, they are often the first point of contact for international visitors. This has become more crucial than ever due to COVID-19 as Jet Park Hotel Auckland and Rotorua are now official managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities for the mandatory two-week quarantine period for international travelers.

MIQ facilities are New Zealand’s first line of defence against COVID-19. Their purpose is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by initiating a compulsory minimum 14-day isolation period once you land in the country. If an individual in isolation gets a negative test at the end of their stay they are permitted to leave the facility. This is a crucial process in keeping the virus out of our community.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind a mandatory vacation in one of Jet Parks rooms. 


First COVID-19 Vaccinations in New Zealand

With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out around the world as of late 2020, it is now New Zealand’s turn. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Pfizer vaccination three months earlier than the government originally expected. The MIQ and frontline workers are the first to get vaccinated in accordance with the government’s vaccination campaign. Over 12,000 workers are to be vaccinated in the following weeks (February to March).

The first to get the COVID-19 vaccination in New Zealand were Jet Park Hotel MIQ workers on Saturday the 20th of February. This was a significant moment in New Zealand’s history and gave many a glimpse of hope to a pandemic which has affected countless.



Working together

We have been supplying Jet Park with uniforms since 2019. Most recently, Arrow Uniforms has helped create a stunning navy uniform with Fluro trim for the Jet Park Hotels MIQ workers. Designed with practicality in mind the Fluro Yellow uniforms represent "cold zones" while the Fluro orange represents "hot zones". These different zones define the risk at each stage of interaction with those in isolation. In these zones, it is important to distinguish between them with ease. This is what we have accomplished through liaising with Jet Park hotels when designing and manufacturing their uniforms. 


A Big Thank You

Frontline workers often go unnoticed and have a thankless job. The team at Arrow Uniforms want give a big thank you to all our frontline workers who are putting their own health at risk in order to protect our community. We see you looking great in your new uniforms and hope you're loving them too.