Buying uniforms locally: less risk, more reward

Buying uniforms locally: less risk, more reward

Tue, Nov 03, 20 Arrow Uniforms Sustainability

For those struggling to choose a uniform supplier, now more than ever picking a local company could be the right solution.

Indeed, New Zealand businesses are already at a permanent disadvantage in the global market due to the size and location of the country. This is why “buying Kiwi” has always been an encouraged practice. But the pandemic has aggravated conditions in such a way that supporting local businesses could make all the difference in how our economy will recover from it.


Since New Zealand is so small and isolated, it’s hard for businesses here to grow enough to be globally competitive and, more often than not, depend on the support of the local community to thrive. In return, local businesses are often more affordable for Kiwis, because they don’t have to go through the hassle of being brought into the country.


This dynamic will be crucial to healing from the pandemic. According to the economic consultancy Infometrics, COVID-19 has already caused significant job loss in sectors such as accommodation, retail and wholesale services, construction, and this is only the beginning. 


They emphasize that no sector will come out of this crisis unaffected, including the uniform manufacturing sector. Therefore, supporting New Zealand- made suppliers will directly help the economy destroyed by the pandemic.


And this is only one of the advantages of buying local.


Safer supply chains


COVID- 19 has demonstrated how unstable global supply chains can be. Even New Zealand, who has dealt with the pandemic well compared to most other countries, was affected. Businesses that sell partly or entirely imported products had their supply chains completely severed or massively reduced, resulting in shortages. 


By relying on a local company for your uniform supplies, you can avoid this kind of stress in the event of another global catastrophe. Additionally, by buying local products, you can cut back on some of the transport costs of the uniforms to New Zealand.


Sustainability and ethics

 Arrow Uniforms offers a uniform recycling program for old, unused

company uniforms as part of our commitment to sustainability.


Favouring local products is also environmentally friendly. Considering New Zealand’s isolated location, all uniforms that aren’t made in the country have to be brought in by ship or plane, which requires the use of a lot of fossil fuel.


Meanwhile, the mass production of uniforms in many countries is often not as well-regulated for environmental impact as in New Zealand. For instance, there might not be effective regulation for a sustainable dump of wastewater or for the use of chemicals from manufacturing. 


Such loose regulations can have a terrible impact on the local society and, later, for the global environment.


Plus, countries without good environmental regulation often also don’t have good labour rights. Therefore, a lot of the uniforms end up being produced by overworked and underpaid employees, reaching slave-like conditions in extreme cases.


Supporting the community

1589511026620Supplied from Support Local, a initiative to support small businesses during the pandemic.


Supporting New Zealand-made suppliers means investing in the economic success of your community, which can have a broader positive impact. With the community manufacturers and businesses thriving, the local economy gets a boom and everyone rips the benefits. 


It also strengthens community ties and heightens empathy among compatriots by creating a sense of camaraderie. With more empathy, the community is more interested in looking out for the most vulnerable, which the life quality of the local society.


Local knowledge and insight


Having a New Zealand uniform supplier also has the advantage of the knowledge of the New Zealand market. As a Kiwi company, our account managers know the local trends in clothing and the community flows of supply and demand. As so, we can understand the context of the business and make the most appropriate, reasonable, and affordable choices with that in mind.


More practically, as a local company, our garment technologists can be physically present at our head office to check the uniforms, solving any problems that come up, and enforcing better quality control of the products.


Better customer service


Kiwi suppliers are capable of delivering better customer service. They can get closer to their clients to understand their specific requirements. Moreover, with our networks, we can deliver customized designs and additions. 


Plus, in case there’s a need for alterations, we can respond quickly because we can follow the needs of our clients in real-time.


If you are worried about the environmental impact of your business, the service quality of your supplier, or the impact of COVID-19 on the New Zealand economy, having a Kiwi company supply your uniforms is the right choice for you.