Arrow Uniforms Donates Clothing to The Salvation Army Charities

Arrow Uniforms Donates Clothing to The Salvation Army Charities

Wed, Mar 03, 21 Arrow Uniforms

With all that's going on in the world, it's good to remember that help is still at hand at a local level. Through this pandemic, The Salvation Army has been in overdrive to continue to provide assistance that is a  welcome necessity and source of hope for thousands of New Zealanders - not just this year, but every year.

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 with the mission to care for people, transform lives, and reform society through their work. Causes The Salvation Army advocates for includes healing gambling and substance addictions, helping those experiencing financial hardship, and advocating for social reform to reduce inequalities in New Zealand. 

In a world rocked by a global pandemic, helping people navigate these challenges is difficult even for an organisation as established as The Salvation Army.

Did you know that the number of food parcels delivered by the Salvation Army has doubled in the past year? This is the highest number in a 14 year period. 

Soaring numbers have been recorded for those applying for emergency housing grants and on social housing registers, more people saddled with debt, and unemployment is rising, likely due to the sharp impact of COVID-19 on the nation's poorest and most vulnerable.

Read the report here.

Arrow Uniforms is proud to support The Salvation Army by donating clean, brand new workwear and garments to The Salvation Army family stores across Wellington. Contributing garments that can help people feel confident in getting back to work is a cause close to our hearts and we were glad to be able to offer a contribution of 30,000 garments including shirts, trousers, knitwear, skirts and suits.

The Salvation Army family stores hold a critical role in the community, being a place where clothing and furniture is accessible and affordable for all, while minimising impact on the environment. 


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There are many ways to support The Salvation Army. You can volunteer at your local Salvation Army Family store, kitchens and shelters. If time is a limited resource, you can make a donation. Currently, The Salvation Army is appealing for donations to support our children and tamariki to have the proper clothes, food and learning materials to make school a place of equal learning and growth, not shame.

To make a donation to The Salvation Army, click here